Student opportunities

Student opportunities at the IUAS:

  • Bachelor's and Master's theses
  • Student research projects (including independent topic suggestions)
  • Project-related employment
  • Part-time (accompanying studies) or full-time as a main occupation


Advantages of working at the IUAS:

  • Gentle transition between academia and the free labor market
  • Gaining practical experience in actual academic research and development
  • A good reference in the CV
  • Flexible working hours


Basic prerequisites and requirements:

  • Basic understanding of mathematics and technology
  • Deepening of knowledge in electrical engineering, information technology and mechanical engineering
  • Ability to work in an autonomous, systematic and organized fashion
  • Motivation and commitment towards the respective project topic(s)
  • Programming experience: C, C++ (if applicable), Mathcad, Matlab, Octave or similar (if applicable)
  • Good command of English