Fuel powered model

Helicopter ALF80B

Construction type

o   Classical Helicopter Design


o   Empty weight:                 Approx. 7.5 kg

o   Fuel capacity:                  max.  2.3 kg


o   Length:                             146 cm

o   Width:                              32 cm

o   Height:                             51 cm

o   Rotor diameter:               178 cm

Petrol Engine

o   Two Stroke Engine 1.8 kW at 12000 RPM

Flight Control

o   Internal flight control on all axes of the Helicopter

o   The helicopter is flown via waypoints (coordinate control). The waypoints are set via ground station or via commercial remote control

o   Navigation based on GPS signals

Radio Channels

o   Communication with the ground station via Bluetooth (2.4 GHz)

o   Model sport remote control (2.4 GHz)

Flight Performance

o   Flight time approx. 2 hours (depending on payload and flight maneuver)

o   Tested altitudes above sea level 1000m and 100m above ground

o   Payload including fuel max. 7kg (aerodynamics and center of gravity must be observed)

o   Flight speed up to 20 m/s (limited by software)

o   Safe flight even under unfavorable weather conditions (rain, poor visibility, wind, icing)

Safety Features

o   Automatic autorotation in case of failure of the main drive

o   Integrated safety features to prevent uncontrolled flight movements when the GPS signal fails

o   Flight within a limited area without the possibility of leaving this specific area (it also limits the maximum altitude)

o   On radio connection failure automatic return to the set return point (default: starting point)

Ground Station

o   Netbook with ground station software

o   Control in two different modes:

            Flight with remote control / joystick
            Flight along a waypoint list

            Homing on direct way with predefined minimum flying altitude

o   Input of waypoints in WGS 84 format

o   Display of the helicopter status during the flight