Electrically powered models

Helicopter ALF65E

Helicopter ALF65E is an autonomous, remote-controlled aircraft with 60 rotor blades that can be equipped with various instruments, including aerial photography, thermal cameras (heat image analysis of houses), magnetic field investigations (archaeological investigations) and cameras with image development (e. g. for examining the current progress of harvesting on the field).

The aircraft can be used wherever it would be too dangerous for industrial climbers or where the use of special vehicles or named helicopters would be too expensive.

The helicopter is capable of flying high or difficult to access objects "very dense" and staying in the air at the desired point.

So he can take photos from perspectives that are otherwise unattainable.

The helicopter can be used for all kinds of inspection flights. However, the most common applications are in the area of building inspection:

  • Freiburg Cathedral
  • Neckar valley bridge
  • Landfill site Kahlenberg
  • High-voltage and wind turbines

With an altitude of 4600 m, the helicopter has achieved a world record - although not recognized.

At the ILA 2012 (international aerospace exhibition) in Berlin, the helicopter was the only unmanned aerial vehicle to receive a flight permit.


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