Food radar

In the industrial production of foodstuffs, foreign bodies such as glass splinters, stones, plastics, ceramics or metal parts are occasionally added. Meat or fish products often still contain parts of bones or bones, fruit products (e. g. jam), seeds, stones or pieces of wood. Such foreign bodies can damage and injure consumers and must therefore be detected at the end of the production line in good time.

X-ray scanners are used today to detect foreign bodies in foodstuffs. The application of this technology is complex, expensive and requires special radiation protection. Therefore, we are working on alternative methods that can replace the X-ray procedure in special cases. This can be achieved with low-energy electromagnetic waves in the GHz and THz frequency range.

The IUAS Institute is developing a measuring system that detects foreign bodies in foodstuffs using radar technology in the lower GHz range. In doing so, it is used that foreign bodies reflect electromagnetic radiation in a characteristic way. The FMCW radar is a broadband MIMO system. The speed of foreign object detection is a particular challenge, as the available time is in the range of one second per measurement object.

Industry has high expectations of radar technology. For this reason, it has been supporting development for a number of years now with a considerable sum of money.