Current projects

Initially, the IUAS focused exclusively on problems and development work for autonomous helicopters. Flight approvals at the International Air Show and flights at high altitudes have demonstrated the efficiency of the results of these developments to date.

Further subject areas technologically related to UAV solutions were opened up soon, such as the development work in sewer rehabilitation or, in subsequent projects, an acoustic method for the inspection of sewer pipes was developed. Problems in the inspection of concrete led to another development project in the field of ultra-wideband radar, resulting in further applications for UWB radar imaging

The Institute thus has experienced staff and a broad technological base in the following areas:

  • Navigation
  • Flight control
  • Carrier phase GPS
  • HF communication systems
  • Optical 3D detection
  • Ultra-wideband radar
  • Inverse 3D reconstruction algorithms
  • Acoustic systems

In the meantime, the Institute's UWB-radar work has developed very well, and the demand for various development solutions continues. The UAV sector is also currently experiencing a strong revival, as the new air-transport law takes more account of the requirements of UAVs, and because unmanned air traffic systems are increasingly seen as serious competitive solutions to technical problems.

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